Your canNabis questions, answered!

So what is marijuana, exactly?

Marijuana, also known as pot, weed, Mary Jane, grass, lettuce or cannabis, is a plant native to Central Asia and India. The leaves, flowers and stems can be ingested for a variety of physiological and psychological effects.

How much marijuana is in a pound?

A pound is 16 ounces, or 453.592 grams. In Oregon, a recreational customer can’t purchase more than two ounces of usable marijuana in a day.


Okay, so how much marijuana can I purchase?

A recreational customer cannot purchase more than the following amounts at any one time or within one day:

  • Two ounces of usable marijuana
  • Five grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates
  • 16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form
  • 72 fluid ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form
  • 10 marijuana seeds
  • Four immature marijuana plants
  • Five grams of cannabinoid products intended for inhalation

I’m a registered OMMP patient, and I’m 18 years old. Can I buy medical marijuana from an OLCC retailer?

Yes. OLCC retailers selling marijuana for medical purposes can sell medical marijuana to OMMP patients 18 years of age or older.

What’s medical grade marijuana?

Medical grade marijuana refers to marijuana that has a higher THC concentration limit compared to items sold for recreational use. Visit the OLCC’s website for amounts and examples.

What is Measure 91 and what did it do?

Measure 91 allows Oregon residents to grow limited amounts of marijuana on their property and to possess limited amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

How do I know if a retail store is licensed by the OLCC?

The OLCC keeps an updated list of all licensed retail stores on their website, including Bahama Buds.

What are edibles?

Edibles are baked goods, beverages and other consumable products, like gummies, that have been infused with THC. They are a good alternative for people who do not like smoking.


Are there different ways to smoke marijuana?

Yes. Marijuana can be smoked in glass pipes or bongs, or as joints. Another popular use is vape pens, which use a cartridge of oil that is vaporized and then inhaled.

What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids, or chemical properties found inside marijuana. THC has psychoactive effects, while CBD does not.

What is marijuana used for?

Marijuana is used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Our expert budtenders can help you find the right product for you.

What’s the difference between indica and sativa?

Indica and sativa are strains, or varieties, of cannabis. Sativa is known for causing what’s called a “head high,” or a more invigorating effect. Indica is known for what’s called a “full-body high,” or one that results in more relaxation.

What are “the munchies?”

When you ingest marijuana, the THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in your brain, causing you to smell and taste things more intensely than usual. This, in turn, makes you hungry!

What’s a dab pen?

Dab pens allow users to smoke THC concentrates, which are much smaller and more powerful than a traditional vape pen.

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What’s it like shopping at Bahama Buds?

Once you walk through the door, you’re family! Come relax and spend as much time as you need talking about all things cannabis with our expert budtenders. They’ll happily answer any questions you may have and help you feel good about your purchase!

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