This is my go-to for flower products. They know their stuff. Top 2 shops I have been too. Can’t remember who was number 2. ????????Dave is the man????


They always have very helpful people working who are more than happy find the product that you want. The vibe is relaxed, and the store is very clean and organized. This is my first-stop for all of my marijuana needs.


Love Bahama Buds! So helpful and every time I go in… there is new stuff besides the obvious to check out. 🙂


Loved the dank nugs and the great staff


I stop in here when I’m working on the road and the pre-rolls are always great. Staff is cool and the store has a good vibe. Quality never disappoints.


Staff is great!! products are all very good. No complaints on their types of flower or concentrates. So many different choices! The discounts are even more phenomenal then the awesome atmosphere.


Probably the bays best dispensary. Helpful staff, good product and a really elegant chill friendly atmosphere.


Nice workers lots of choices. great product


Love love love! They were knowledgeable, chill, and friendly. They had a wide variety of product and prices to pick from. Place is super polished and comfortable to walk into. Not like she’s me of these crack house feeling places you go into. I would highly recommend them!


Great service. Very helpful when helping understand some products. Very good quality store. Definitely going to be my main one.


Was a great experience. The ladies working were very knowledgeable and friendly. Will be returning!


I Just had worked a long shift and was in need of some herb,but all the other dispensary places were closed. Luckily Bahama buds was open! Only dispensary in my town that’s open until 10! The bud tenders were very courteous and knowledgeable. Prices were amazing and the arrangement of herb and concentrates. Would definitely buy regularly


good weed for a good price


Excellent atmosphere. Knowledgeable and super friendly staff. Products are excellent quality and amazing prices.


Great selection of high quality Oregon grown products. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Local products from the farmers market make this place a one stop shop. Definitely check them out!

Dena Coulon
2 weeks ago

Knowledgeable and friendly staff – great variety of CBD and CBD:THC edibles as well as plants!

Chriss Lovett
4 months ago

Great place. I visited in late September while driving up the coast with my 97yr old grandfather. The 2 guys there were great. I stumped the “weed whisperer” LOL

 Christopher Allen
11 months ago

I love this place! Amazing selection of cannabis flower and edibles. I was also really happy to find a place with plenty of CBD products. Really friendly staff and a great environment. Really cool handmade surfboards too.

 Jonathan Young
8 months ago

Amazing selection. Outstanding customer service. The Budtenders there are really friendly and very helpful. Best shop I’ve ever been too!

 Robert Stoddard
a year ago

Pretty nice place. Not just a place if you’re looking for pot, but also if you’re into surfing. The people were friendly and the prices weren’t bad. I’d give it to a five star review but I didn’t get to visit many other ones in the area.

 Sara Morrow
a year ago

Large selection of the best cannabis products Oregon has to offer. Over 40 strains! Very nice and knowledgeable staff. The various items around the store from the local farmers market make this dispensary stand out from the rest. Thank you for your great recommendations, Tiffany!

 Shelley Barr
a year ago

Cute shop, definitely one of the best we visited in town. Their flower selection looked great but we bought 5$ pre-rolls and were really disappointed. We loves the combo of bait shop and smoke shop and the vibe and well definitely give it another try but won’t waste our money on the pre-rolls again!

 Evan Marks
10 months ago
This place is off the hook, if your looking for killer flower of a dank pen it’s here.
The products are legit to say the least. All the way from the flower, concentrates, hoodies, candles, and even fresh local jams and jellies.
The flower is off the wall it’s fresh, Stinky, sticky, dense, and smells like your back in time to the era of the great flavor and smells.
Bahama Buds is beyond it’s time and can stand with the best of them. I’m from Colorado and know dank this place is the place to go.
And they have a righteous rewards program.

 Greg Fowler
a year ago

Great staff and selection of product. Clean and professional. Wonderful experience.

 Shawn Alma
a year ago

Nice shop. Huge selection of bud and everything else, and SURFBOARDS, what? Yes I did say that! Great place for medical options if needed ?

 Andrew Aragon
a year ago

Great atmosphere. Excellent selection. Awesome customer service. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Joe Krehbiel
9 months ago

Good bud, good prices, good service.

 Cynthia Coone
a year ago

Sud Muffin Soaps and bathing& skin care ! Men’s shaving and facial hair care! Beeswax lotion. Made with Coconut oil, Shea Butter, vitamin E&C.

a year ago

Love this place. Classy and knowledgeable. The $5 pre-rolls are great, I highly recommend the pre-roll “wifi cookie” when it’s available.

 Nicholas Jones
a year ago

Wonderful knowledgeable staff! Amazing bright colorful atmosphere! Huge selection! A must visit!

Ken Barreira
a year ago

Bahama Buds is the nicest dispensary in Coos Bay Oregon that I have been in. The staff are professional and very knowledgeable and very friendly! Great customer service and what a great atmosphere. Big selection on meds and all kinds of good stuff. I recommend Bahama Buds to everyone. Go on in and enjoy! 🙂

 Alberto Garcia
a year ago

I went there to find out about CBD topical and the lady there was amazing she told me everything i need to know…she was also very nice….also gave me a sample to test to see if it will work for me….they are amazing….i will be going there again

Angie Valencia
a year ago

Its a great place to visit, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Very stylish yet professional place!

Maryann Ulmer
a year ago

Love.the bud tenders, very knowledgeable. Great prices too!

4 reviews · 1 photo
a year ago

Greg and Tiffany were super welcoming and nice! Thanks for the laughs and warm Arizona smiles!

 Sarah Jones
a year ago

Love the people love the selection. Love the pickles too.

Stephen Houts
11 months ago

Their CBD selection is awesome. I just went through neck surgery with out pain meds only THC and CBD oils from here.


a year ago

Nice place great people love the decorations


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