Bahama Buds wins best Overall Dispensary 2018

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Bahama Buds wins best Overall Dispensary 2018

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Coos Bay, OR.

Bahama Buds in Coos Bay most captures what I consider to be the spirit of the coast: like a roadside tackle shop that also sells used Blu Rays and tractor parts, Bahama Buds brings in a disparate selection of locally-sourced goods and basic conveniences, plus services related to regional non-cannabis interests. An entire wall is dedicated to canned and pickled vittles from a local septuagenarian, while nearby glass-door coolers are stocked with game meats culled by neighbors from neighboring lands.

Additionally, Bahama rents out crab pots and kayaks, offers guided nature tours, and sells custom surfboards. The overall vibe is something like a farmer’s market that overtook a water-sports retailer, or the other way around. But the flare shouldn’t overshadow the weed. I had a hard time choosing between top-shelf flower options from well-known Portland producers, tougher-to-stock craft growers, and all-but-unknown farms of impressive quality. The Ube Ice Cream from 5500 Farms won my purchase—a solid Gelato cross with a rubber-and-fuel nose signature to the genetic family. link to original article

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

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